Sitting in my office at SRCF and looking out the window, I am watching new flurries of snow-flakes fall from the skies, some melting as they land, but most simply being assimilated into the mounds of snow that are all around.

Science tells us that no two snow-flakes are exactly alike.  Isn’t it awesome to think that God’s wonder working power for creation is so limitless that even something as simple and “useless” as an individual snow-flake has His stamp of creative uniqueness on it?  Is it any wonder then to think how absolutely unique before God you are?   When you were:

“fearfully and wonderfully made”   Psalm 139:14

God made you totally unique and gave you abilities, talents, gifts, and too many other unique features to begin to list here.  And the sum of all these features makes a totally unique you.

In God’s knowing and loving eyes, there is no one else in all the 7 billion people on this planet exactly like you.  And in a way that is only possible for God—and far greater than our understanding—there is no one else on the entire planet that He would rather have a loving relationship with than  YOU.

And think of this:  Because that is true, no one else can fill your place in God’s heart.  Just as with our children, the loving relationship of each child is unique and one cannot take the place of another.

God longs for a loving, tender, relationship with you—and no one else will do.  Even millions of other Christians will not diminish God’s longing and love for you.  Can you think of anything else in this world that can bless you more than that knowledge?

Listen closely and you will hear His still small voice calling to you, even if spiritually speaking,  you are a long ways from Him.  Run to Him today;  love and worship Him with your whole heart.   Allow Him to love you back, hold you close, and wash away any sin that holds you back from a full relationship with your Abba Father.  Each and everyday, continue to develop a deeper, more loving, more intimate relationship with your Savior, Lord, and God, Jesus Christ.  Because there is no greater desire in His heart than to share His love with you … totally unique you.