The dictionary defines antitoxic as: “a substance that can counteract poison.”  Up until June of 1974, I had never thought much about antitoxins. But my whole outlook and interest changed when the U.S. Army sent me into the Outback of Australia for six weeks of war games.

Before deployment, I was informed that 5 out of the world’s 10 deadliest snakes live in the same area that I would be walking, sitting, sleeping, crawling, etc.  Some, like the Taipan, not only has venom which is 50 times deadlier than a King Cobra, but is also very aggressive, striking multiple times without much provocation. Suddenly, I was VERY interested in antitoxins and making sure my supply was always within reach!

Today you and I live in a world that is full of deadly poisons.  Pornography, drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, false religions, to name only a few.  As someone who has done both, I can assure you that living with deadly snakes is far safer than living in our society (only one guy in my unit was bitten in the entire six weeks).

Our only hope for survival is to so fill our hearts, minds, and spirits, with God’s antitoxin (the Bible), that the sin poisons of this world are counteracted and a sanctified life in the Holy Spirit is preserved.