“For He satisfies the longing soul,
And fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalms 107:9 NKJV


Have you ever longed for something/someone so bad that it ached….that it hurt?

We’re not talking about longing for a big screen TV or other material things.
We’re talking about longing for a happier life after years and years of abuse and chaos. Having a desperate need to escape the evil clutches of depression. The ache you feel from hardship and toil, you just need a little rest from the worry.

We’re talking about longing for the embrace of someone that we lost. To feel their breath on our skin or to simply smell them again. To speak with them and laugh together just one last time. Just once…

If you’ve never longed before, I will share an experience I had that shows how strong the emotion really is. It’s an experience that’s not only permanently embedded in my memory but deeply etched within my heart.

It was a nice day to be outside. I was playing with our daughter in the yard when my husband asked if I could help him for just a moment. I looked and noticed our daughter was busy playing with her tricycle so I told her I was going to help Daddy real quick. It didn’t seem to phase her at the time.
I stepped outside of the gate and into the drive way, she was still visible to me and there was no apparent danger around her.
Soon she was standing at the gate crying and calling my name, she was unable to open the gate so she just cried “Mommy, Mommy”.  Knowing I would be done soon I began reassuring her that I would be there momentarily  “Just a moment, I’m almost finished.” I responded. 

Just as we finished she began to cry as if she was in pain or severely injured. My husband immediately went to her and asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t say, her face was red and she just cried. My husband opened the gate to pick her up and calm her down but as soon as the gate opened she ran to me.

I can still recall the look on her face as she ran to me, I remember it happening in slow motion. I will try my best to describe what I saw just so you can understand why this is forever embedded in my memory.

Urgency – Imagine seeing someone you thought you lost forever. At first it’s just their image on the horizon, so you run to them as fast as you can. You don’t know why your in such a hurry to get to them, you just have an urgent need to hold them tight and never let go. I saw what it was truly like when the prodigal son returned to his father.

Determination –  Even if she fell at this point, she would’ve picked herself up and carried on towards her goal. Nothing was going to get in her way. Her feet looked like they were getting heavier with each step she took. Her arms were even heavy. There were tears on her cheeks but determination in her eyes. Nothing was going to stop her from running to me.

Purpose – There was a reason she needed to get to me and fast! No one else could understand her purpose, not even herself, she just knew she needed to get to me. The one thing she understood above all, there is comfort at the end of my journey.

Once she got to me, I picked her up and she clung to me like she had never clung to me before. Her grip was so tight it almost choked me. I consoled her and was finally able to ask her “What’s the matter.” and her reply was simply “I just wanted you.”

I just wanted you, nothing more and nothing less.

As I held her in my arms I felt as though Jesus was trying to show me how he longs for us to run to him. He wants us to feel the comfort of our embrace so he can ease our longing, our worries, our fears.

He wants to fill our hearts with gladness …. he just wants you. It doesn’t matter where you went on your journey, or what you did …. he just wants you …. he longs for you.

Urgency is emerging! There’s an urgency for us to come to Jesus so he doesn’t loose us forever. He just wants to hold you tight and never let go.

Jesus is determined. He will do everything in his power to tell us he is there. Even when our feet begin to get heavy and we feel as though we can’t carry on any more, Jesus is determined to let us know how much he loves us.

We have a purpose, we were ALL created with a purpose. The one thing we need to understand more than anything, Jesus is waiting to comfort us after our long journey, we just need to embrace him.

Do you long for Jesus as much as he longs for you?
I don’t think any human can long as much as Jesus longs for us…..don’t keep him waiting…RUN to him!