I feel like God has placed this word in my heart to share with the world. I prayed over this and it tugged at my heart so hard that I felt compelled to write it down. It is written not as me but from God. I pray that it touches your heart and I pray that you share it with everyone.

My people have become like zombies – the ‘living dead’ – to my word.

They sit in my house and sing songs of worship without excitement. They listen to my word as in a trance. They have become a slave to ceremony and dead to the life I have given them. They walk around ‘living’ as the dead, animated but mindless of me and my law.
I grieve for you as my Son grieved for Lazarus. I ache for you to be as David; trust me in everything, worship me in the streets, dance and sing praises not caring what others think.
Heed my warning, heed it now.
I say to you ARISE FROM YOUR SLUMBER.  Do not walk in the ways of a Zombie. Shake off the chains of death and rejoice always. Shed those burial garments and dance in freedom.

For such is a time as this, my people SHALL be revived and celebrate.

  • NOW is the time to let go of bondage.
  • NOW is the time to do my will.
  • NOW is the time to walk the streets acting like a child of the ONE true King.
  • NOW is the time to proclaim your salvation.
  • NOW is the time to wear your crown of victory.
  • NOW is the time to sing and dance.
  • NOW is the time to let your light shine.
  • NOW is the time for your joy to overflow to those around you.
  • NOW is the time to look up for your Savior is near.
  • NOW is the time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. 
  • NOW is the time to share the good news.


Wake up you zombies – Wake up and come to me – Wake up and celebrate the gift I have freely given to you.


Powerful and Uplifting Song