Many people wonder:  “What will my first visit be like?”

So let us set your mind at ease with these comments and suggestions:

[1] How should I dress?

The most common way SRCF people dress is casual; but you would not be out-of-place in a suit and tie.

[2] Should I bring anything? 

First – bring other family members and/or friends!

Then the only other thing we would suggest is a Bible, if you have one.  If you don’t, be sure to ask us for a free one.

[3] Will you be singled out or embarrassed? 

No!  We would love it if you would fill out a “Welcome” card; but that is optional.

You will also find our people to be very friendly.

[4] How long is your typical service?

We start at 10:30 AM and usually end by about 12 noon.


If you are currently looking for a church home, why not give SRCF a try?   You will find us to be friendly and caring people.  And you will find our preaching and teaching to be taken right out of the Bible, centered on Jesus Christ, and anointed by the Holy Spirit.